Costa Rica Tourism Campaign

81% of millennial parents report that children help plan daily vacation activities and Costa Rica doesn’t usually come to their mind as a place to visit during their vacation.

Costa Rica covers only 0.03% of the globe but is responsible for 5% of entire world's diversity.

So here’s a campaign to let people know that “Costa Rica will expand your children's imagination.”

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A lenticular top layer is applied to the surface, showing different images at varying angles.

Only the kids at their eye levels will see the animals and tell their parents about them all excited and confused. Their parents will understand what their children see only if they lowered their eye levels and believe more in what the children see.


Digital wall that allows children to draw and interact with the animals.

Interactive Playground

Offline playground full of interactive activities that children engage in.
They can draw their own animals and see their drawings come to life in various interactive screens.

Social & Website

Each child is given a wristband before entering the playground.
The code on the wristband is used to log into one's account on official Costa Rica website, on which you can see photos and videos taken at the playground as well as records of your child's animal drawings.

Made with tears and laughter by Yewon Shin

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