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Invesco is an American independent investment management company. One of its subsidiaries, Invesco Canada, needed a microsite that introduces the new 3 portfolio suites for their launch. One of the main goals was to provide lead generation opportunities for the Canadian retail distribution team and clarity for advisors. It was built both in English and French.

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Interaction Design

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Code and Theory | 2019


Creative Strategist, Interaction Designers, Visual Designer, Developer, QA, Data Analysts

Decision Tree Sitemap
Invesco Managed Portfolios
Homepage introduces Invesco briefly and provides a general understanding of the 3 newly launched portfolio suites.
Portfolio Suite #1
Invesco Portfolios
Showcases statistics, video content and additional documents about Invesco Portfolios.
Portfolio Suite #2
Invesco ETF Portfolios
The Tabs component displays different information, statistics and documents according to the portfolio tab that's clicked.
Portfolio Suite #3
Invesco Intactive Portfolios
The Decision Tree and Get in Touch components appear consistently throughout the microsite. Decision Tree asks users 2-3 questions to let them know of the portfolio suite best fit for them while Get in Touch component asks for the investment advisors' information to reach out to them.
Decision Tree Prototype
Following a responsive design system, elements like the navigation bar, interaction of the Tabs module, transition of the Decision Tree and overall design refinements were reconsidered in in mobile.
Incorporating the old CMS system, we focused on the consistency of the new components that were designed specifically for this microsite. More annotations can be provided upon request.
Made with tears and laughter by Yewon Shin

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