Landyatchz Campaign

Today, people aged between 20 to 35 are afraid to learn how to  skateboard because they don’t want to fail and embarrass themselves.

This campaign shows how the "best of the best" have had to fail many times to get to where they are as well and encourages people to fail.

Art Direction & Copy by Yewon Shin and Loisse Ledres

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3 skateboard illustrators will be invited to be in Facebook live videos, during which people will submit their failure stories live and the illustrators will design a skateboard right at the spot. These personalized skateboards about your own failure stories will be sold on the official Landyachtz website.


At skateboard competitions, skateboards depicting the aftermath of skateboarding will be given out to those that have lost the competition.


The Voyage app introduces the best locations to skateboard around your neighborhood and skateboarding tricks you can learn at the spot. It also makes compilations of your skateboarding journey that you can share with your friends.

Made with tears and laughter by Yewon Shin

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