The One Club Creative Boot Camp


Promoting Verizon's loyalty program, VerizonUp


At New York Creative Boot Camp, participants were divided randomly into groups to come up with a strategic plan and creative execution to overcome a challenge.




Gold - First Place Team Winner


Strategy, Art Direction, Concept Development


Sur Govindarajan, Qi Zheng, Elizabeth Shieh, Wenjing Lin


4 days

Verizon Up is a loyalty program for Verizon customers that lives in the My Verizon app, which most customers have and use to pay their bills on their mobile devices.

Verizon partnered with many music artists to drive awareness of their program yet most people don’t know what Up is.

The Idea

( ___ ) - 123 - 4567

We wanted to start a movement for VerizonUp by going Local and ground up by reaching the audience at the origin of their authenticity - their area code.


How it works

1. The Invite

We invite people with a specific area code through email and text messages and notify them about making a song with a local artist.

This invitation directs them to the Verizon app.

2. The Song

In the Verizon app, a pop-up notification guides them to enroll now into VerizonUp.

They’re then asked to submit a word that describes their area to get a ticket. These words will be part of the lyrics.

3. The Event

Let the concert begin! People become a part of a unique experience that unites the local artist and people living in the same area.


The buzz.

Using #917UpStage, the social movement of singing your area song will be driven.

Made with tears and laughter by Yewon Shin

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