Mobile App
Personal Project
Concepting, User Research, UX and UI Design

Filmer is a photo gallery app that tracks the camera settings of each photo and organizes developed film photos into albums to improve user’s film photography skills.

Images for this project are coming soon.

When taking film photos, it’s hard to remember the camera settings you used, which delays the process of learning.

What if there was a way to help film photographers analyze their photos better and take photos they want to take?

Introducing, Filmer.

From Home, you can select the film camera you’re using today. You can view the camera and film summary for a quick recap.

Inputting your settings is easy. Just scan the top of the film camera with your phone and Filmer will detect the shutter speed and aperture. You can also manually adjust them as you’d like.

To later compare the photo taken by your film camera to the one taken by your phone, capture the photo with Filmer.

View your photos in one place. Personalize and organize the albums as you'd like.

By reviewing the film roll details and camera settings you took this photo with and toggling back and forth between the options, you can compare the photos taken by your film camera and phone, learning how the film camera settings you've set affect your photography.