Here's some of my creative explorations for:
UI Design / Motion Design /
Illustrations / Film Photography

This is "Won", a character I drew, illustrated, character animated using a sketchbook, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Character Animator.

The most challenging part was drawing different shapes of the mouth.

After finishing the illustration, I used the tracking feature on Adobe Character Animator for it to start talking. I'm going to be using this character in my Youtube videos to talk about design - coming soon!

Onboarding Video for Noom

During my internship at Noom, we had a 2-day hackathon and I created an onboarding motion graphics video for the app, Noom. This was before I learned the prototyping tools, so I used Adobe After Effects to make this, frame by frame 🥲

🎞️ Photos I took with my film camera 🎞️