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Focus Brands
UX Design Lead
  • Wireframes
  • A/B Testing
  • User Testing
  • UI Designs
  • Functional Annotations
Case Study
Please contact for the full case study.

I conducted user tests to learn about user pain points and translated them into design solutions to improve the group ordering process of a food franchise.

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Received positive feedback from Sunrun and its customers:


45 minutes
Each session
Participants joined a testing environment in order to interact clickable prototypes for the particular flows and screens.

User Testing Objectives

  • Understand audience’s preferred way of starting group ordering
  • Understand where the decision points make the most sense to the audience
    • Starting personal order vs. group order up front
    • Starting personal order vs. group order after setup
  • Understand expected user behavior
    • Cancelling(host) and leaving (participant) group order
    • “Order by” Time reminder
    • Submitting order with in-progress participant orders

Key Learnings

Friction is frustrating
Users just want to get to the food portion of the flow - the faster they can get there, the more satisfied they feel.
Clear messaging sets clear expectations
Participants felt that there were moments where the messaging did not accurately set up expectations leaving them somewhat confused as to what to do.
Explicit guidance
Some interactions where confusing and the user did not always see where they were supposed to click or supposed to do next. Both UX and UI patterns should be consistently positioned and styled to make the path clearer.
Mindsets are important
Group ordering was not a familiar exercise to some of the participants. Since they were tasked with starting a group order, it wasn’t entirely clear where to begin.

Example Takeaways

After testing:

After user testing, the team and I consolidated the user insights, presented the recommended updates to the stakeholders and then applied them to the wireframes and eventually visual designs. The work contains confidential information so I can't display them all here - but please contact me for more information.

Please contact for the full case study.